Content Marketing Services

We specialize in content marketing that provides visibility into a company with the end goal of creating more business.  

Why Content Marketing?

We use content marketing to engage and inform a core audience about your firm, what it stands for, and how it brings value to clients, business partners, and employees. Content marketing:

  • Supports a firm’s business development efforts especially when not in front of customers and prospects.
  • Educates an audience about the services they may not be aware of
  • Promotes successful projects and business transactions
  • Communicates internally and externally to reinforce the firm’s culture
  • Attracts employees and business partners that fit the organization

We’re no one-trick pony. We create content that is varied and engaging. Here are some common content types and delivery mechanisms we use:

Delivery Mechanisms:

Email broadcasts

Types of Content:

Themed Series
Success Stories
Thought Leadership
Service Highlights
Project Updates
Case Studies
Continuing Professional Education
Humor Pieces

here’s what you get:

There are 5 main components of our Content Marketing Service:

1. Goal Setting

We consult and help you set goals for your content strategy.

2. Blog Creation

We set up a  content website  (“blog”) to house your original content.

This blog is where your audience will find your full content marketing pieces, which is reached through your email broadcasts, search engines,   from the link on your main website, and direct traffic.

3. Content Development

We partner with our clients to build a library of unique and original content in the form of videos, articles/blogs, webinars, podcasts, etc. We do the heavy lifting here with our clients’ goals & objectives in mind.

Marketing your firm with original content is more effective than using recycled 3rd party content because:  

  •  It  helps you become a credible and trusted resource on topics that matter to your core business and therefore your audience
  • You control the content and it’s message 
  • It builds SEO value, as the full content lives on your site and not elsewhere 

This is the meat of our services and our passion.

4. Regular Email Broadcasts

We send regular email broadcasts featuring original content to our your audience.

Consistent communication creates an expectation from your audience that you’re going to be communicating with them on a regular basis.

We stress brevity and simplicity to encourage consumption and engagement.

5. Success Measurement

Finally, we perform success measurement/analytics of your goals.

Are We Right For You?

In our opinion, every company can benefit from a solid content marketing strategy. We work most frequently with professional & financial services firms that have a budget for marketing but aren’t big enough to have an internal content marketing team.  We fill that gap beautifully and bring great results to our clients.

Our portfolio includes accounting firms, private equity groups, real estate companies, investment banks, CPA firms, and more.

Sound like we might fit your needs? Let’s talk.